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We offer various amenities and services to make your stay in our hostel here in Pärnu memorable and carefree.



Hommiku Hostel-Guesthouse offers modern and comfortable rooms at an affordable price. You can choose between single, couple or group accommodation.


Offer 09.2023-06.2024

Double Room Month Rent 290€.
Double room for 2 weeks rent 200€
Double room weekly rent 150€


The city center

In addition to our comfortable rooms, our hostel also has a cozy relaxation area where you can hang out and relax.

A unique value proposition

Our various amenities, excellent service, and excellent location will make your visit to Pärnu memorable and enjoyable.

Excellent service

Our friendly staff is always ready to help you and make your stay memorable.

Comfortable rooms

Our cozy rooms guarantee you a good night’s sleep and a pleasant vacation.


Discover our comfort and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Pärnu..

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